Battleground Texas: Swing State in the Works

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Battleground Texas: Swing State in the Works

With the rise of Battleground Texas, it might be the end of the Republicans’ stronghold in the state. Thanks to the efforts of Obama supporters raising forces, and even funds, to champion their cause. Learn more about this political party gaining more and more notoriety since its inception early this year.

What Is Battleground Texas?

So it is high time to end the monopoly of a lone political party in Texas, hence, the institution of Battleground Texas. It is no secret that the State has been dominated by Republicans since 1994. Maybe, it would not hurt to embrace a change after almost two decades of reign in a state not only renowned for being the second most populous territory, but also the second largest one when it comes to land area in the United States.

As a revolutionary political organization, Battleground Texas is likely to be a catalyst changing the political game from the local scene up to the national platform. Such an ambitious group wishes to come up at least with a purple state or perhaps a blue state at the most. After all, getting a blue state out of Texas, being notorious among American red states, will clear the road for Democratic leaders straight to the White House.

Who Formed Battleground Texas?

Meet the team behind the promising Battleground Texas spearheaded by Jenn Brown as the Executive Director. Ms. Brown is no stranger to making crucial transformations following her previous designation as the field director of Obama for America in Ohio. She also became the National Regional Director for Organizing for America handling nine states back in 2010 mid-term election cycle. No doubt, her involvement in Obama’s campaign tested her competencies in winning political battles for the Democrats, and hopefully will be useful in transforming the Lone Star State.

Despite the brilliance of Executive Director Jenn Brown, Battleground Texas won’t be running without the rest of the team. The organization is further run by 16 more brilliant Democrat sympathizers composed of organizers, directors, a finance associate and an email strategist. Their collaborative efforts are expected to draw a mass of supporters in a State known for its voting population’s size and diversity.

Why was Battleground Texas Created?

No more small voices for Texans with the institution of Battleground Texas to recognize the people’s clamor. The organization is looking to register more voters to stretch the current electorate mostly in favor of Republican rule. It also aims at converting voters to get a share of the democratic process. This way, the team can change the rules on how politics is being played in the state hoping to get all efforts reflected on election ballots.

Aside from encouraging people to join its cause, Battleground Texas is also looking to raise funds to strengthen its machinery. So far, it has already garnered over $1 million in a short span of time with 80% of the contribution emanating from local donors in the state. But, the amount isn’t enough to rival the Republican’s pot even if it is combined with cash collected by the Democratic Party. Fair enough, the six-month leg only generated little than a quarter of the $10 million target.

How Will Battleground Texas Achieve Its Goals?

If the Lone Star state of Texas is ready to depart from being a “safe state,” Battleground Texas has been prepared to lay the groundwork. The group is determined to use its tried and tested approach that is data-driven and people-focused toward result-oriented offshoot. Such a strategy came in handy not just once but twice during Obama’s campaigns not to mention its many small victories in pursuing executive policies.

As a people-driven, as well as, metrics-driven organization, Battleground Texas revolves on the idea of volunteerism and its huge impact across all levels of electoral practices. Its core strength happens to be its growing number of volunteer leaders subject to leadership training and development alongside empowerment sessions. Also, it’s a metric organization that demands accountability and responsibility from its members using data to make sure that programs are being implemented accordingly.

Nonetheless, it is up to the people of Texas to decide whether or not they intend to join the blue states or purple states. The important thing is that at least Battleground Texas is giving these people another option beyond being a “safe state” – a choice that a huge and diversified populace deserves.